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Worldwide Athletics


Our goal is to create opportunities for player development in the sport of American Football throughout the Caribbean Islands, Latin America, Canada and the U.S.A..



Raise awareness and educate aspiring athletes about the opportunities in the sport of American Football for a higher education through athletic scholarships and opportunities to compete at a higher level such as College and/or the N.F.L..


Provide events, camps, combines, and showcases with instructions from highly skilled, High School, College NFL Coaches and Players assisting young players to develop and be evaluated for athletic talent, skill and ability.


Offer fundraising options to those who are financially challenged so that all may have the opportunity to take pare in these developmental eventsk camps, combines and games.


Develop safe, quality facilities and infrastructure to effectively train and develop student athletes.


Host one of a kind events such as the "Caribbean Football Classic" an event that will showcase some of the best young athletes throughout the U.S.A., Caribbean and Latin America.


Create an appreciation for diversity through various cultural experiences in places as well as meeting new and different people

D Rock PJ

Showcase Schedule 2018-2019

2017 CFC Highlights Puerto Rico

2018 Air Capital Showcase


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2018 Air Capital Showcase 

June 8th thru 17th

Wichita, KS 




Lone Star Flier

Team Puerto Rico

Team Edge USA

Ernesto Hernandez

Hernan Velez

4.0 Sports Media Featured Players 

Juncos Broncos WR Hernan Velez & Ernesto Hernandez DE

These athletes were part of the 11 Puerto Rican players who participated in the 2nd Annual NorCal International Showcase held in San Jose California 

Click on picture to link you to their 4.0 Article 

2nd Annual CFC 2016 Team Edge USA 1st Practice in Barrio Nuevo Bayamon Puerto Rico Having Fun

2nd Annual CFC 2016 18U Offensive Highlight Puerto Rico Juan Ortiz

2nd Annual 2016 18U Halftime Defensive Highlight Edge USA Somerset TX Pete Pinon

2nd Annual CFC 2016 16U Halftime Defensive Highlight Puerto Rico's Defense 4th and Goal

2nd Annual CFC 2016 16U Halftime Offensive Highlight Edge USA San Antonio TX Jordan Parker

2nd Annual CFC 2016 14U Halftime Offensive Highlight Edge USA NorCal Kavir Basin

2nd Annual CFC 2016 14U Halftime Defensive Highlight Puerto Rico Josue Polanco

Steps after registration

Click on Picture to link you with NorCal Big Hit

Click on picture to link you with the Norcal Bears Vs Monterey Bay Big Hit

2016 Inaugural High Roller Showcase Las Vegas, Nevada

Country Cup Challenge Canada Vs USA Tug of War

The final few minutes of the JV game and the complete Varsity Game. Enjoy

16 U Championship

16 U Championship

Team Edge USA Vs Team Vegas USA

Vegas Showdown 14U/8th Grade Team Edge USA Vs Canada BC

Johnny Garcia

Special thanks to Puerto Rico's

Johnny Garcia for the video

WorldWideEdge1 WorldWideAthletics WorldWideEdge1


Worldwide Athletics

Below is a list of our partners and network. Click on the pictures to link you to their websites. These programs have some of the best players in the nation playing for them. It's a credit to their coaching and their program. We are excited to have them be a part of Worldwide Athletics. Our partnership with 4.0 Sports allows our athletes to get National and International exposure. The athletes listed below are part of the Worldwide family, and have participated in our Showcases. 

Coaches Corner Mark Johnson

8th Grade Grizzlies

2017 7th Grade Bears Metro Promo

Edge All Metro Promo 7th Grade Tigers

Edge All Metro Showcase Bulldawgs

Click on the picture to link you to the 4.0 Website


Click on Picture to take you to Nico Lamanna 4.0 article

Click on Picture to take you to Calels 4.0 article

Click on picture to take you to Calel Aramboles 4.0 article

William Long

Click on picture to take you to William Long 4.0 article

Click on picture to take you to Preston Perdue 4.0 article

Click on picture to take you to Jahlyl Rounds 4.0 article

Jahlyl Rounds Update

Jahlyl has received an offer from Kansas University.


Class of 2020 

Calel Aramboles


2016 High Roller Showcase MVP

Las Vegas, Nevade

2016 Caribbean Football Classic Showcase MVP Runner-up

San Juan, Puerto Rico

West Texas Midland Oilers

NorCal Bears San Jose California

San Antonio Texas Red Raiders

San Antonio Texas Red Raiders

Wichita Kansas Aztecs

Kansas City Missouri Wolverines

Omaha Nebraska Under Armour Patriots

Our Canadian Partner Recruiting Service. Yes they play 11 man football in High School & College

Shane Hamm

Team Edge 7th Grader Shane Hamm

Click on image to link you to the website

Click on image to link you to the website


    Manuel Martinez

    Manuel Martinez


    Phone: 3163907056

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