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Warriors For Youth


To empowered our seniors, our youth, and community to flourish. To create opportunity where it has been limited.

To instill strong moral values, respect for life, pride in community, and the importance of education. 

To engrave in the hearts and minds of our children, "Who are indeed the future" the significance and beauty of diversity, the reward of overcoming adversity, and the success we all have the opportunity to achieve.    


Raise awareness and educate aspiring athletes about the opportunities in the sport of American Football for a higher education through athletic scholarships and opportunities to compete at a higher level such as College and/or the N.F.L..


Provide events, camps, combines, and showcases with instructions from highly skilled, High School, College NFL Coaches and Players assisting young players to develop and be evaluated for athletic talent, skill and ability.


Offer fundraising options to those who are financially challenged so that all may have the opportunity to take pare in these developmental eventsk camps, combines and games.


Develop safe, quality facilities and infrastructure to effectively train and develop student athletes.


Host one of a kind events such as the "Caribbean Football Classic" an event that will showcase some of the best young athletes throughout the U.S.A., Caribbean and Latin America.


Create an appreciation for diversity through various cultural experiences in places as well as meeting new and different people

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Our Hispanic Heritage

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Hispanic Heritage Festival

Our Hispanic Heritage

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2019 Texas Lone Star Showcase 

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Love Your Community

LYC is a 501c3 Non Profit Organization.


"Reach, Empower, and Build Community through Love"


Angel Martinez


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Warriors for Youth has partnered with LYC to make a change in the community.   

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    Manuel Martinez

    Manuel Martinez


    Phone: 3163907056

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